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Live-coding Gencaster at typotopics event

For the event typotopics, which took place on 2023-07-01 at Erkrather Str. 365 in Düsseldorf, Germany, Dennis Scheiba used the broadcasting capabilities of Gencaster to distribute and coordinate sound material to the smartphones of the audience on the fly.

A lesson learned from the previous performance at The Pool was that the speakers of smartphones have a limited range of audible frequencies that they can emit, and even within this range the material is easily distorted.

This led to the decision to focus on material optimized for phone speakers which can be found in ringtones. With methods such as buffer scratching it was possible to re-adapt the melodies, which are deeply ingrained, to be noticed and require action.

The lack of seating forced the audience to move around, creating the desired result of new spatial combinations through the movement of the audience. Some audience members even began to call each other through the speakers of their cell phones, creating an additional network of communication and feedback to the performance.

For more information, visit the artist website.